Product Discovery

Workshop, research, testing, and interviews

Discovery Workshop and Research

Facilitate workshop with business team and subject matter expert to identify the needs and issues.

User Journey

Brainstorming with the XD team to map out user journey from the information we got from discovery workshop.

Listening to the users to create truly impactful solutions.

Facilitate workshops, collect research and conduct user interviews to better understand user needs and refine product requirements. We brainstorm with the business team, define user personas and oversee usability tests to ensure the hypothesis from the discovery. We then create user journeys and flows based on the test results.

The Challenge
The client and business team know what they want, but don’t know how to define the requirements and/or translate user journeys to other teams. And when the requirements are set, they need help on creating a concept and building an actual product.

The Solution
The team set out to create a collaboration board to do workshops with the Product Owner and Manager. Together, we identified the product need and helped the Subject Matter Expert to understand how to do the work and find gaps in the workflow. After we got all the information, we create the user personas, journey and flow for business team before we move to the actual design concept.

Pratt and I worked together for several years on EY’s global audit platform - EY Canvas. During this time, Pratt served as a leader within our team as well as on the broader EY Canvas project. He instituted processes that improved the coordination between XD, Product, and Engineering. As a result, we were able to spend more time on concept development and ideation, leading to more thoughtful solutions for end users (auditors and clients).

Mollie Brien
Senior Manager — Product Owner

Interviews Analysis

Workshop interview with business team and Subject Matter Expert to understand what they need.

Discovery Workshop Conclusions

Summarized all the information and reported the findings to get every team aligned and agree on a single set of requirements.

User Personas

Conducts research and user interviews to create EY’s product user personas.

User Flow

Clarify user flows after product discovery workshops and user interviews for every product within Assurance Technology.