Assurance Application

Product design, UX, UI, and Branding

Product and visual design for financial technology software to support EY employees with everyday work.

Leads the experience design team for main EY assurance audit applications. Collaborates with the business and development team to create fintech project management products from end to end.

The Challenge
Given EY's vast audit team with over 130,000 users worldwide and the abundance of client data they handle, there is a pressing need to develop in-house software products that cater to a wide range of requirements. These software solutions would encompass various functionalities, including documentation, feedback notes, project management and scheduling. By developing these in-house tools, EY aims to streamline and enhance their work processes, ensuring greater efficiency and effectiveness in serving their clients.

The Solution
We work closely with business, product and developer teams to concept and build all EY Assurance products from ground up. We also oversee and ensure that products are up to date on the user requirement, design and interactions.

The XD team is working across 11 product teams to create seamless products that can work alone and/or collaborate with each other to improve user work efficiency and keep up with today’s technology.

Assurance Audit Application

As a leader within the design team, my role involves guiding the design process through various stages, including the design concept development and UI design. It is crucial for me to ensure a cohesive and unified user experience across all products, both existing and new, by overseeing design consistency and utilizing the current design system.

Additionally, I work closely with the production team to bring the design concepts to life during sprint production. This entails collaborating with the product owner, project manager, business analysts, developers and quality assurance professionals. By fostering effective communication and teamwork, we strive to seamlessly translate design ideas into tangible products that meet the needs and expectations of our users.

Canvas — Project management tool
Canvas Client Portal — Client view of audit engagement
Helix — Data analytics tool
Atlas — Audit knowledge and guidance (search engine)
Smart Automation — Smart work paper and work flow
Data Enablement — Data hubs between products
Start Up — The audit disruption (new idea for audit work)
Motif — Design system