Design System

Design System, UX, UI, Research and Branding

The EY Motif Design System is a resource for every team. It’s an ever-evolving single source of truth and the building block to start creating your design project.

Created design system, design platform and UI style guide which is being used across all EY brands and products.

The Challenge
There are more than 20 teams and numerous products within the EY umbrella, and it is hard for every team to align on a single design. Inconsistency brought not only design misalignments but also different interactions and interfaces. This led to users having to learn how to use different products and services even though those products and services are within the same workflow.

The Solution
We created a Motif design system as a source of truth and a guide for every product to follow. We collaborate with each team lead as a sounding board, so every team can bring in ideas and request for what is needed. We constantly work on the design system to be ever-evolving and available for all designers in real-time and an updated version for developers each sprint release.

Product Design Versioning

Defined all products of EY Assurance, designated which design version it belonged to and planned for the consistency alignment process.

Motif Design System
Created the design pattern and component variants for every design and development team to use in their work.