Design Management

Leadership, management and project planning

An optimized working process to ensure the best outcome for both designers and the products.

Manages project planning and road map with business and production teams. Creates XD product timelines and coordination of workflow. Works with PMs and BAs on user stories with for each project.

The Challenge
With a large global service line with 11 product teams and 6 time zones, it is difficult to align and collaborate with each other. The leadership needed a solution to handle this situation and make sure all the work outcomes reach the KPI they set for each product release.

The Solution
I was leading 2 product teams under the Neon project, and got promoted to oversee the design and concept for all products under Neon. I review the work with each team lead to ensure the user flows, design concepts, and all interactions of the products are within EY’s brand design system. I review to make sure all products connect and work simultaneously.

Pratt was my Design Lead for two years. He was always a benchmark when it comes to making things work out, understanding and communicating with business teams, and achieving great results with limited tools.

For our team, his leadership has always been crucial. He used to find the exact point between demanding from us what he knows we can do and taking care of ourselves so that nobody collapses. He also collaborated a lot with other teams to build better things together.

He was the one who brings solutions and ideas and keeps things moving forward, even when priorities changed all the time and it was very difficult to keep up. That's very valuable for me, considering that the design processes were confusing and overwhelming at the company.

I don't think there are many Pratts out there, who can manage everything at the same time. We have learned too much from him these years and I'm so thankful for that.

Florencia Vázquez
Product Designer

The Experience Design Team

Grows and mentors the design team, overseeing 40 globally dispersed designers and 7 direct reports.

Full discovery to conception through production

Implements new design processes and methodologies.

Ready to complete design concept through production