Web design and mobile application

Highlighting a better way to get paid with DailyPay.

Leading design for DailyPay design style guide, website and mobile application platform.

The Challenge
DailyPay is launching a new product that allows customers to customize and manage their pay. They need a website and mobile application that align with their brand identity and promote financial freedom.

The website will inform visitors about the benefits of their pay management solution, while the mobile app will provide a user-friendly platform for managing finances. Together, they will empower customers to take control of their financial freedom.

The Solution
Our approach to the branding involved creating a clean, simple, yet sophisticated identity that is unique to the company. We started with a simple organic shape and used it as a foundation to build additional dynamic shapes that are seamlessly integrated into their branding. This visually represents the company's commitment to progress and innovation.

In line with the brand identity, we emphasized the company's perspective on enabling financial freedom by reducing barriers and strengthening connections between individuals and their finances. This messaging adds strength to their brand positioning and resonates with their target audience.

To visually reinforce this brand positioning, we incorporated connective graphic elements and imagery that evoke a sense of togetherness and moments of connection with technology. This visual language reinforces the company's dedication to facilitating connectivity and positive financial experiences.

Overall, our design solution creates a cohesive and own-able identity that aligns with the company's values and goals, while visually conveying their mission of empowering individuals towards financial freedom.